Christ Lutheran Church

2021 Stewardship Campaign

"Building a Culture of Generosity"

As we consider our stewardship response this year under the theme of “Building a Culture of Generosity”, we do so in a different world than when we considered our response last year.  Some of us are in different places economically than we were then.  However, all of us are in a place of more gratitude for God’s love in our lives and excitement for sharing the gospel with others.

During this year’s pandemic our congregation played a critical role in bringing hope and love to our community as we sheltered in place.  We realized now, more than ever, the importance of community worship, the need to care for one another, and more clearly see the impact that our church’s outreach and ministry is having on our local community.  We continue to recognize the importance of our partnership with the synod and national church as they walked with us to navigate such uncertain times.

Whether you are Full-time, Associate or Seasonal Members of Christ Lutheran Church or Part-Time Residents or Friends who attend and participate in the life of Christ Lutheran Church while staying on Hilton Head Island – we invite all of you to prayerfully consider completing a 2021 Statement of Intent Form.  All levels of Generosity – be they for all of 2021 or for part of 2021 are gratefully received and appreciated.  We would ask that you indicate partial year Statements of Intent in the comment section of this form.

Once the Statement of Intent form is completed and submitted, you will be automatically transferred to a new page that will display an acknowledgement that your Intent Form has been successfully submitted.  This page may be printed for your records if you choose to do so.

Announcing a Challenge Gift

Finally, we are announcing a most amazing, recent development!  Two anonymous families at Christ Lutheran Church have joined forces to offer an exciting Challenge Gift concerning our submission of our 2021 Statement of Intent cards.

Last year Christ Lutheran received approximately 60 Statement of Intent cards that carried a positive Statement of Intent for 2020.  This year these two families have come together and have offered to donate an additional gift of $150 to Christ Lutheran Church for every Statement of Intent card over 45 that is received with a positive dollar response for 2021, up to maximum of $4,000.00.

As if we did not already have enough reasons to show our Generosity to God for all the Abundance that He has showered on us — there should be no reason to hold back now!

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21).

Tell us about your giving intention.

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