Instructions for Zoom Worship Services

Welcome to Worship!

Join Us via Zoom at 10:00 am

We are worshipping LIVE in Heinrich’s Hall because of the renovations in the sanctuary. You can still worship with Pastor June on Zoom from home if you wish.

You can join us LIVE following the instructions below or you can watch a recording of this service that will be posted on our website on Monday morning.

If you can’t get on, plan to watch the recording later. You can also go to this site to find help:

To Join Us Live!

You should go to the link that is listed in the Friday Bridge each week. Please follow the link on our homepage to access the most recent edition of the Bridge. You can open the link prior to Worship Service date at 9:45 AM just to make sure you are connected to the meeting and are ready to go.  You can join the worship via a web browser or the Zoom app on your mobile device. Prior to the service you may want to download the Zoom app to your computer or mobile device.  Here are specific instructions for connecting.

Via a web browser on your computer

1. Go to the worship link.

2. You will be prompted to download the Zoom app.  The app will give you a better user experience but is not mandatory.  If you don’t want to use the app, cancel the popup window and then click on the “start from browser” link.

3. Select how you want to connect to audio.  If you select “Join Audio by Computer”, you will hear the worship service through your computer speakers.  Otherwise you can dial into the worship from your phone.  See the number below.  You may be prompted to enter the meeting number after you dial in.

On your mobile device

1. Download the Zoom app from whichever app provider you use (Apple or Google)

2. Start the app

3. Enter the meeting number ID and password which you will find in the Friday Bridge.

Initially everyone will be unmuted but you can mute yourself and even turn off your camera so people can’t see you.  When the service begins, everyone will be muted.  If you are on your computer or tablet, you will have options to either “see” everyone or to see only the person speaking.  You can make your own choice.  On a mobile phone you will only be able to see the person speaking.

Join Us for Coffee Hour

That’s right! Following the closing song on Sunday, we will have a brief time to wave to each other and hopefully chat a little. Of course, you can also log off anytime. But we would love for you to grab a cup of coffee at home and chat with each other for a bit. Just a friendly reminder, be fully dressed! You never know when the technology might suddenly make your image the only one on the screen. That’s not our plan, but let’s be prepared. No hats and gloves, necessary, but pants, please.

Give Your Feedback

We know that congregations across the ELCA and across the country are doing a variety of things to communicate with their parishes. We’re all doing what we can as we can. Many congregations already had great video and audio capabilities and were able to just ramp up their existing technology. At CLC we didn’t start with much, but we are working hard to evaluate what is best for us, what we can do with the monies we have and with the personnel we have. Let us know how you are experiencing what we are attempting to do. We miss you and want to stay connected. Many thanks to David and Tami Kuhlmann, and Silke Prylik for helping us use this Zoom platform.