We’re glad you are checking us out! Whether you have attended church your whole life, or never stepped foot in a church, Christ Lutheran Church is a safe place to worship and praise our Lord, as well as bring your questions, doubts, and concerns.  You will find friendly, accepting people who will WELCOME you among them to experience God’s love, encourage you to GROW with us in faith, and CARE for people by going into our community, sharing God’s love through active, practical ministry.  You matter to God and to us!

Please explore our site, and then come see us!


You are invited to join in prayer in support of our congregation’s campaign, Strong in Faith: Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Mission. Our hope is, that for a period of ten days, (Feb.1-10) every home in our congregation can be united in prayer.

We will post support from CLC members for each day of prayer via our website www.clchhi.org. and our FB page www.facebook.com/CLCHHI   (if you have not already done so, please LIKE  our page so you are included in our posts)

Prayer topics will include: 

Day 1 – Guided by the Gospel

Day 2 – Gratitude to God for God’s grace and blessings

Day 3 – Deeper trust in God

Day 4 – Re-dedication of your life to God

Day 5 – Unity among members of our congregation

Day 6 – The ministries of our congregation, their leaders and participants

Day 7 – Our pastor, staff, and leaders

Day 8 – Fears about this program, future growth, and other challenges

Day 9 – Financial support for this program

Day 10 – Personal growth in stewardship