We worship every Sunday at 10am

Christ Lutheran is a congregation of the ELCA.

At Christ Lutheran Church, our worship emphasizes the grace of God that we experience through God’s Word and Sacrament. That grace is revealed to us in community through music, reading the bible, prayer, preaching, and sharing the sacraments of communion and baptism with one another. Our worship, no matter the worship style, is rooted in words and rituals that have been used by Christians for thousands of years. We also use new songs, world music, contemporary words, and new thoughts.

At Christ Lutheran, we know we are all imperfect people. We are sinners who are forgiven and have gathered together to worship God and try to live a life closer to Jesus Christ every day.

We also have online worship options, if you are not able to come in person.

Wherever you are on your faith journey,
we welcome you to worship with us at Christ Lutheran Church!

(Frequently Asked Questions)

When is worship?
Worship is at 10am on Sunday mornings. It lasts about an hour.

What should I wear?
People at Christ Lutheran wear a whole array of things to worship: Shorts and flip-flops as well as suits and ties. But most of the congregation tends to lean to the casual side.
You should come in whatever you feel comfortable going to church in!

What if I’ve never been to worship before?
We give out an easy to follow bulletin. If you get lost, don’t be afraid to ask someone
near you what’s going on. They will be glad to help.

What hymn book do you use?
At Christ Lutheran, we mostly use Evangelical Lutheran Worship for our hymns and worship words. But everything is in the bulletin.

Is your worship traditional or contemporary?
We have a mix of music styles in our worship.

When do you have communion?
We share communion every Sunday at Christ Lutheran.

Can I take communion at Christ Lutheran
Yes! As Jesus welcomed everyone to eat with him, we welcome everyone to take communion at Christ Lutheran. Whatever your age, denomination, background or where you are in your faith journey, you are invited to share communion with us!

What if I have children?
Children are welcomed to participate in all parts of our worship.
We encourage children to participate in worship as much as they are able.

Can children take communion?
Children are welcomed to the communion table just as others are.

What if I want to be baptized?
As a Lutheran Congregation, we baptize people of all ages: from infants to senior citizens and all in between. If you want to be baptized or you want your child to be baptized, contact the Church Office or talk to the Pastor.

Do I have to give money?
Giving to the church is a spiritual discipline. It is a concrete way that we show thanks and share our lives with God. The congregation uses these gifts in order to support all facets of our ministry. Members and regular attenders are encouraged to give what they are able.
Whatever gifts you bring, however large or small, they are all appreciated!

How do I become a member?
If you have been coming to worship regularly and want to become a member, contact the
Church Office or talk to the Pastor.


829 William Hilton Pkwy
Hilton Head, SC 29928
[email protected]

Office hours:
Mon-Thur: 8 am-4 pm