Upcoming Events

Join us on Sunday, June 30 for our Fifth Sunday Brunch

9:45 a.m. — Heinrichs Hall (between services)

Christ Loyal Chef’s will be preparing pancakes (plain and blueberry); scrambled eggs, chef-made omelets, biscuits, fruit, sausage, bacon, and home made desserts.

June – August…

This summer, our annual Social Ministry

Summer Loose Change Collection

will be dedicated to the

Back Pack Buddies Program.

Back Pack Buddies of Hilton Head is an important mission for our church.  Christ Lutheran Church is one of four packing sites that provide 30,000 meals to all three public elementary schools as well as 2,400 supplemental bags to the middle school and high school to address hunger issues for our youth.  Here at CLC, we have provided 2,838 bags of food this year to 87 students at Hilton Head Elementary.  This is almost 7,000 pounds of food, which we move, pack, move again and then distribute to the children, all done by 40 volunteers.  Each bag contains two breakfasts and two lunches for the weekend.

All of our food is purchased, and we are completely dependent on donations to fund our all-volunteer organization.

Each bag costs $5 per child per week.

We have a special partnership with teachers and students from Hilton Head Christian Academy who help us assemble the bags for other children in need.  This summer in June and July there will be a back pack in the narthex and we would appreciate your donations to Back Pack Buddies of Hilton Head.

Won’t you consider putting your loose change in the basket (in the backpack on top of the alligator!)?

This will be in our outer narthex, June through August.